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Behind the Scenes But Ahead of the Curve


Preparations for the inaugural PIDF Summit this upcoming August 5th-7th 2013 are in full force. Hosted at the Sheraton Denarau, the Summit will likely see 23 South Pacific Island 'Heads of State' along with more than one hundred other island dignitaries in attendance. Additionally, it is expected that up to 100 counties and many of the world's more prominent NGO's will also be arriving to Fiji in order to actively monitor the groundbreaking event’s progress.

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An event of this scope and magnitude requires exceptional diligence in preparing for protocols, security, logistics, general entertainment and of course, creating an optimal and productive environment for the Summit’s anticipated outcomes.

Literally almost every Fiji government agency has been called in for significant support. Some of the more involved Ministries and Departments include: Immigration, Biosecurity, Police, Airports Fiji Limited and Airport Terminal Services, Health, Information, Trade, Finance, Education, Environment, Energy, Culture, Women, RFMF, and many others. All must accommodate for high levels of security and international and cultural protocols yet function in a most fluid manner for every participant and vested party.

At the May 30th initial briefing, Acting Interim Director, Peni Lomaloma addressed a full assembly of Fiji’s national preparation team with a marked posture of both enthusiasm and appropriate perspective. He remarked, “This is something worth investing resources in; and it starts from today to make the arrangements.

This is the first time our Pacific leaders will have the privacy of their own forum and we intend to have everything explicitly planned for the group, breakout and private sessions.”

And so it is… While the world awaits the outcomes of the Summit, the local hosting team continues its drive towards providing an arena that allows for a healthy exchange of ideas and ideals and that will immediately amplify those inspirational, unifying and rectifying messages to the proper channels both within and abroad.