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Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (CIRDAP) Technical Committee Meeting

PIDF participated as an observer to the CIRDAP technical committee meeting held in Nadi on 16-19th of April, through the Deputy Secretary General Penijamini Lomaloma  and Team Leader Member Capacity Arpana Pratap..

 One of the many focus areas of CIRDAP is climate change and impacts in terms of strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change and mitigation of adverse impact. They also have a strong focus on sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources

 Our participation allowed PIDF to deliver an observer statement highlighting the areas to progress further the operationalization of the MoU that was exchanged in December 2017 between the two organisations that shall see the facilitation and improve access to technical training in the area of integrated rural development for citizens of the Pacific Islands. The meeting also provided an opportunity for the PIDF to engage bilaterally with delegates on areas of mutual cooperation.