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Deeper relations with Turkey in coming days

Turkey gave its nod of approval on how discussions progressed over the past two days during the second Pacific Islands Development Forum summit.

Turkish ambassador and director general for Asia/Pacific, Ersin Ergin said talks were currently underway to have a Turkish mission in the region, which is highly likely to be based in Fiji.

“Turkey is seriously considering opening its embassy in one of the Pacific islands and Fiji is the strongest candidate in that regard. My visit here puts more strength for our choice and Fiji would be the first location for our first Turkish mission in the region. The final decision will be taken when I get back home.”
Mr Ergin also praised the PIDF for holding discussions on the very important issue of green growth.

“The PIDF is a very timely initiative, indicating the leadership role of Fiji in this region. We are very much enthusiastic to follow the PIDF initiative very closely and to attend the annual meetings.

“The meetings yesterday and today were very substantive and we have listened to the comments very carefully. We share most of the concerns under the theme “Green Growth.”

“Green Growth is important for the Pacific, but it is also important for the world. The theme was a well chosen one. It is an excellent organisation and we very much admire the organisers – the Fijian government.”

Mr Ergin said Turkey, like many other nations, has realised the importance of partnering with Pacific island countries and they were looking beyond their traditional partners.

“Turkey”s foreign policy is expanding its horizons and diversifying online casinos its interests. Traditionally we focused on Europe. We are traditionally a Middle Eastern country, with Asian identity and now Asia/ Pacific is one of our priorities.

“Within that context we have decided to deepen our relations with the Pacific islands states and Fiji is a leader from several perspectives and for us this will be the natural headquarters of Turkish diplomatic interest in the region.

“We are very much determined to deepen our ties with Fiji. TICA – the Turkish International Cooperation Agency is already involved in this region and we have already received projects from the Fijian Government. This active involvement of Turkey in Fiji will continue.”

While Turkey is well known for its hospitality, the Fijian hospitality has left its mark on the Turkish delegation. Mr Ergin has pledged to promote Fiji as a tourism destination to the Turkish people.

“Turkey is well known for its hospitality but Fijians are not less than Turkey. This is my first time in Fiji. I literally fell in love and I will try my best to promote Fiji – to get more Turkish tourists here. This is an earthly paradise and the friendly people of Fiji took my heart.”

Source: Fiji Sun