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Mr Nabalaruais is the Chief Executive Officer for Natural Water of Viti (Fiji Water). He will oversee all Fiji Wter’s activities in Fiji and the Pacific. Nabalarua is the first Fijian citizen to be CEO of Natural Waters of Viti. His an engineer bu training who was previously CEO of Pacific Energy and the Fiji Electricity Authority. His married with five children.

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Fiji Water, Rakiraki, Western Division, Fiji
-17.447551, 177.983391

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Avenai Daubitu
2016-12-19 12:10:59
To CEO, Dear Sir, My name is Avenai Daubitu and one of the Landowners of Matailobau spring water.Recently the Fiji times discovered what it called miracle water.But my village have been drinking the water for the past 100 years,stories past down from my grandfather's saying it contains things we don't understand but good for our body.Evidence show's that all the villages that continuesly drink from the spring are healthy than other village(source-Vunidawa Health Centre). We (mataqali)have sat down and discuss about marketing the water,and the mataqali has chosen me to approach you if your company (Fiji Water)can use the spring water as a part of product in Fiji Water. We would like to meet you and answer all your enquiries about the water. We hope to hear from you. Attached are some photos I've marked on Google map-matailobau village,naitasiri. Vinaka vakalevu, Yours faithfully, Mr Avenai Daubitu.