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The Leaders Council consists of leaders of governments, private sector and civil society who will serve as the governing body to provide overall strategic and policy guidance to the PIDF and the Secretariat.

All Leaders attending the annual PIDF Summits are members of the Council.

Leaders who are members of the Governing Council are:

  1. Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji (Chairman)
  2. President of the Republic of Kiribati,
  3. President of the Republic of Nauru,
  4. President of the Federated States of Micronesia;
  5. President of republic of the Marshall Islands
  6. Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands;
  7. Prime Minister of Vanuatu
  8. Prime Minister of Timor Leste;
  9. Prime Minister of Tonga;
  10. Chairperson of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation
  11. Chairperson of the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Associations.