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The Secretary General of the Pacific Island Development Forum Mr Feleti Teo today met with the visiting Team from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGI) headquartered in Seoul, South Korea to discuss how the organizations can work together to bring Green Growth to the Pacific.

Dr Imran Habib Ahmad, the Director East Asia Pacific Green Growth Planning and Implementation, Mr Rene Karottki, Senior Adviser, GGGI, Mr Peter Campbell Johnston, Consultant GGGI, and Mr Ben Sims, Regional Officer, East-Asia and Pacific are in the country on their first Pacific mission.
At the meeting this morning Mr Teo explained how the two organisations area of focus on Green Growth is similar and how they can maximize their effectiveness through collaboration:

“Both the PIDF and the GGGI are organizations tasked with driving trans formative changes focusing exclusively on sustainable and inclusive development to promote green growth.
The discussions this morning was aimed at how green growth can be achieved by balancing the pursuit of economic growth against the needs of societies and the sustainability of the environment.
We all recognize that the greening of economies has the potential to be a new engine of growth, a net generator of decent jobs, and a vital strategy to eliminate persistent poverty.
I am happy that the PIDF and GGGI were able this morning to share information on their areas of work and possible areas of collaboration. We both appreciate that the environmental and social goals of a green economy can also generate increases in income, growth, and enhanced well-being and both organizations have undertaken to work together towards this end.”


Mr Teo with Dr Ahmad