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The Pacific Islands Development Forum has met with French Polynesia business leaders in an effort to help Pacific countries move towards more innovative approaches to the Green Economy.

Business Leaders that the PIDF met in Papeete French Polynesia are:

  • Didier Chomer, President of Tahiti Fa’ahotu, the first Polynesian pole for innovation. Tahiti Fa’ahotu brings together Polynesian companies and local research and training organizations around a common objective, innovation for the valorization of natural resources. Its objective is to support its members who wish to develop innovating projects around 4 thematic subjects issues: (1) Development of natural marine resources; (2) Development of natural land resources; (3) Biodiversity, biomolecules of interest and biotechnologies; and (4) Renewable energies and sustainable preservation of habitats.
  • Dick Bailey, owner of the four InterContinental hotels in Tahiti. He built the world’s first “closed-loop chilled water distribution system” when the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa opened in 2006. The cold water pumped up from 2,800 feet below sea level is used throughout the resort, which negates the need for about 650,000 gallons of diesel fuel yearly, saving 90% of the hotel’s electricity consumption.
  • Olivier Touboul Production Manager and Owner Pacifque Sud Ingrédients a laboratory specialized in developing vegetal and mineral substances from French Polynesia. For more than 20 years, PSI has been developing and selling original ingredients for cosmetic, nutraceutic and food markets. From its base in France, PSI is now present in more than 25 countries through a specialized distributing network.
    Speaking on the meetings the Deputy Secretary General of the PIDF Mr Penijamini Lomaloma stated:

“Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face extraordinary and unique sustainable development challenges as a result of their small size, remoteness, narrow resource and export base, and high dependency on imported fossil fuel. These three leaders however are pioneering integrated and inclusive approaches to sustainable development in French Polynesia that can be shared across the Pacific.”"Dick Baily’s Seawater Air Conditioning is a proven clean method of air conditionings that can reduce electricity usage by up to 90% thereby substantially decreasing carbon emissions in our environment. It can also save hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity costs over the lifespan of the systems.”
“Preliminary discussions during this visit with the Head of the Regional Office for the European Investment Bank on support for such projects in the Pacific have been very encouraging.”
“The PIDF is committed to helping the Pacific’s private industry, NGOs and public sector work together to accelerate the deployment of sustainable innovation. Innovation may be the single most important driver to change the inefficient way we currently use resources.”

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