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The Pacific Islands Development Forum has met with the President of French Polynesia His Excellency Édouard Fritch and leaders of French Polynesia’s Civil Society and Private Sector Organizations as it seek to support Pacific Island Territories transition to the Green Economy.
The meeting with President Fritch took place at the Presidential Palace in Papeete, French Polynesia on Friday 28th November 2014.
Community Leaders that the PIDF met in Papeete French Polynesia include:

  • Angelo Frebault, President of French Polynesia’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council (CESC). CESC advises the President of French Polynesia and the President of the Assembly of French Polynesia on economic, social or cultural planning.
  • Stephane Chin Loy, President of French Polynesia’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Trades (CCISM). CCISM is a public institution whose mission is to contribute to the development of Polynesian companies.

Speaking on the meetings the Deputy Secretary General of the PIDF Mr Penijamini Lomaloma stated:

“French Polynesia was one of the Pacific Territories that has been part of the PIDF from its early beginnings in 2012. The latest meetings in Papeete were an opportunity to update the French Polynesian authorities of developments with the PIDF since its establishment. This includes the important work currently being undertaken to prepare the foundational legal document for the PIDF, the PIDF Agreement, which will set out its governance structure, membership criteria, financial strategies etc. Discussions also covered a Business to Business Forum that the PIDF is scheduled to co-host with the WWF early next year to raise awareness amongst the Pacific business community of the business case for the green economy.”

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