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A United, Distinctive and Sustainable Pacific Society


Enabling Green–Blue Pacific Economies through Inclusive Strategies, Multi-stakeholder Governance, and Genuine Partnerships.


PIDF will drive, through regional and national frameworks, transformative changes by focusing exclusively on the sustainable and inclusive development of the Pacific small island developing countries and territories and peoples by:

  1. accelerating the integration of the three pillars of sustainable development (environment, social, and economic) to balance the pursuit of economic growth against the needs of societies and the sustainability of the environment; and
  2. facilitating the use of tools and innovations such as green economy, adaptive leadership, and genuine partnerships to stimulate robust debate while fostering an inclusive change agenda that address the root causes of unsustainable development practices.


PIDF would:

  1. serve as a dynamic regional  partnership platform where leaders and representatives of Pacific small island developing countries and territories take ownership of their decisions and actions to address their special development needs;
  2. provide for an inclusive regional multi-stakeholder forum for leaders of governments, private sector and civil society; and
  3. serve as the Pacific regional counterpart for the south-south groupings and other regional and international arrangements that focus exclusively on the sustainable development of small islands developing countries and territories.


The PIDF is governed by the following transitional arrangements:

  1. the annual PIDF Summit as the ultimate forum where leaders of public sector, private sector and civil society deliberate and agree on  the key policy decisions, including on  innovative approaches, tools, and accountabilities that advances its Vision, Mission and Purpose;
  2. the Leaders Council consisting of leaders of governments, private sector and civil society will serve as the governing body to provide overall strategic and policy guidance to the PIDF and the Secretariat;
  3. an Executive Board of ministerial level representation of governments, and executive level representations from the private sector and civil society to advocate for the interests of PIDF and to review the advice of the Senior Officials Committee and make the necessary recommendations to the Leaders Council;
  4. the Senior Officials Committee that provides technical and policy advice and support to the Leaders Council; and
  5. the Secretariat that provides advice to the Senior Officials Committee and implement the decisions of the organization and headed by the Secretary General who is responsible to the Governing Council through the Senior Officials Committee for the management of the Secretariat.