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The President of French Polynesia meets PIDF DSG

The President of French Polynesia, Edouard Fritch, received in audience on Thursday late afternoon, the Deputy Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Penjamini Tuikubulau Lomaloma, visiting Tahiti during Regional Conference for Countries and Territories Overseas (OCTs) Pacific.

For this first visit to French Polynesia from a representative of PIDF, Penjamini Lomaloma wanted to present to the authorities of the country mandate and deadlines ahead of its organization.

The Pacific Islands Development Forum, launched in 2012 in Fiji, brings governments and private sector organizations and civil society willing to work together for the sustainable development of the Pacific Islands and the fight against the effects of climate change

The PIDF wants to institutionalize its efforts by establishing a founding treaty in 2015. French Polynesia is cordially invited to join the new organization knowing that it has regularly attended meetings that have taken place since the launch of the initiative in 2012.

Fritch President welcomed the many initiatives to bring Pacific Islanders around the challenges that affect them and welcomed with sympathy the PIDF approach.