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PIDF is a space for catalyzing, mobilizing and mainstreaming action in support of sustainable development through a green economy in Pacific Island Countries.

It’s an action-oriented platform to identify innovative solutions that will ensure sustainable development through a green economy. PIDF works closely with international institutions to engage state and non-state actors to develop high-impact collaborations on sustainable development through the Green Economy.

PIDF is a unique platform bringing together leaders from the public and private sectors and civil society to address regional development challenges, through mutually beneficial innovative partnerships. No one sector in society can deliver the complexities of sustainable development alone. PIDF uses the expertise of the private sector, normative leadership of the public sector, and successful delivery mechanisms of civil society. It provides a framework for bringing together governmental, business and civil society leaders to secure concrete commitments and mobilize action in support of the Green Economy.

The hypothesis underpinning this partnership is that only with comprehensive cross-sector collaboration can we ensure that responses and initiatives are coherent, complementary and sufficiently integrated to tackle the complex sustainable development challenges that we face. Multi-stakeholder partnership like PIDF provides fresh opportunity for doing development better by recognizing the qualities and competencies of each sector whether government, civil society or private sector, and finding new ways of harnessing these contributions for the common good.

Public sector partners provide legitimacy, stability, access, information and the institutional foundation for the partnership. The business sector is inventive, productive; brings financial and technological resources and

innovative approaches to problem solving, while civil society ensures that the partnership remains responsive and inclusive for all stakeholders; vocal and protective of the interests of the least influential partners.

PIDF will be the regional counterpoint to PSIDS UN Missions. This new PIDF Grouping has been spurred by a newly evolved scenario on Global Grouping when the PSIDS contribution was recognised at the UN with the re-designation of the Asian Group at the UN as the Asian and Pacific Small Island Developing States Group. This evolution directly aligns PSIDS with some of the biggest players of the Asia-Pacific region, the global powerhouse of the 21st century.

The PIDF is the Pacific’s most inclusive and highest participatory South-South platform for action on the Green Economy and the logical link for the with the UN’s High Level Political Forum. It is a bold attempt to address the issues of sustainable development through a structured and inclusive approach. Given its whole of Society and multi-stakeholder format and its focus on a balanced integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development through the green economy the PIDF will be the Pacific’s link to the HLPF processes envisaged under The Future We Want.